In today’s world it seems more difficult than ever to be your true authentic self. With so much influence from technology and social media, you may find yourself morphing into a mold that isn’t your truest self. Maybe like me, you let it influence you more than you like to admit. But one thing I have learned is that if you are pretending to like certain things, dress a certain way, lead a certain lifestyle, if you don’t truly want it or are not passionate about it, it will make you miserable.

I let so many others influence my decisions on my career and life, that one day I woke up and realized I had not made one decision that I TRULY WANTED. It will turn you into an angry and regretful person, which will lead to burned bridges and ruined friendships. Don’t let this happen to you. If it is happening to you – start making decisions based off of your own passions and dreams. Allow yourself to be happy! Once you do that, success and happiness will follow – or so I’m told. Still learning as I go.

Wishing you all peace and inspiration on whatever journey you are on.

And Remember:

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