New Goals to New Identity

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Hello Beauty’s,

Summer is upon us and with the change in season comes new goals and new adventures.

I find that writing down my goals helps, it creates accountability. They shouldn’t be like a new years resolution, where you say it but know deep down you’re probably not going to follow though and it’s OK when you don’t accomplish it. These goals should be you saying “I am raising my standards, and I’m going to change the way I think and act”.  If your standard is that your life is acceptable even though it’s not really what you had hoped for, than you will never change. You need to say ” I am going to be and do more, and that walking through my life like a zombie is not acceptable”.  Or, “The way I am handling my finances is no longer OK – I’m going to be the person that saves for retirement”. Once you put the change as part of your identity, you care more about sticking to it. Try it for yourself, it can’t hurt.

My goals:

  1. I’m going to save at least $100 a month and up my 401k to 6%.
  2. I’m going to start eating better and feeding my body the nutrients it needs instead of junk and candy. I will share some of my test meals!
  3. I am starting my own freelance business – writing articles or being a virtual assistant. It’s really hard just staring out, but I want to be a person not tied to a cube, and I will fight my way out anyway I can. This may develop into other freelance work or starting my own business. There are a world of possibilities!

And those are my top 3. I really want to focus on these areas with all of my time and give it 100%. Trust me, it is tough to motivate yourself to keep striving for more. Tell yourself you are worth it, don’t give up! You deserve this.

As a side note – would anyone be interested in writing to me as sorta of an “Ask Beauty” feature? Where you would write to me with an issue and I could anonymously or openly (which ever you are most comfortable with) respond in a post about it? Let me know your thoughts.

Have a wonderful weekend – more to come!


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