How to Deal with Anxiety

Hello Beauty’s!

I wanted to share something with you all that I recently heard while listening to a Christian talk radio channel, and it has to do with anxiety. Everyone goes through moments where they experience anxiety at different levels, most of the time for me it is manageable. Sometimes it can be overwhelming, to the point of depression. This is why I am writing this. If I can give hope to anyone struggling, for anyone that feels that anxiety is taking over their life or preventing them from living life to the fullest, please read on. Fore warning, this is a religious post, I am in no way a professional therapist or psychologist. I am a Christian, but I believe this message can be received across all religions.

 ” Do not be anxious about anything, pray about everything.”

Pray for God to give you peace, instead of praying for a certain outcome. When you pray or worry over something that will or will not happen, you cause yourself unnecessary stress and heartache. Instead, pray for God to give you peace about whatever your anxious about. God does not put anything in your life that is unwarranted. Trust, Pray and find Peace that He will guide you to where you need to be.

Find a way to be at peace with you current situation, and just know with God wants you to be exactly where you are at. With the struggles I have gone through and have overcome, I have realized that I can help others by sharing my experiences. That maybe by sharing my story, I can give hope to another person. That’s a great feeling.

Hope you all have beautiful week.



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