How to Deal With Negative People

As I begin my journey to lead a more positive, optimistic life, I have noticed how many people around me exude negativity. Mainly co-workers. I took a week off from work and that’s when I decided to start this blog as an outlet to share my journey on how I am going to slowly change my life. When I returned to work, with my new state of mind, I immediately became aware of all of the negative people around me. My first day back a co-worker couldn’t wait to gossip/ talk trash on another co-worker that they do not like. What do you do in these type of situations? They are my friends and I understand everyone needs a vent session from time to time, but the key is to not let them take you down in the process. Listen respectfully, but beware of falling into the trap, the trap is when you start adding on to their complaint, feeding into the conversation. It is hard to not gossip, believe me, but making yourself aware is a great first step.

I have become aware. Each day I feel myself getting better with these kinds of confrontations.

Wishing you all positive vibes.



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  1. Grace Blaki says:

    Generally I just listen and don’t say anything. Soon enough they stop coming to me to gossip because they know I won’t engage with it. Most the time I find that people just don’t know how to make conversations so they gossip as a way to start a conversation. Hope this helped??


    1. Hi Grace. Thanks for your thoughts, I absolutely agree with you!

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