My Journey Begins

Hello Beauty’s!

This is my first post. I have created this blog in hopes to inspire others by sharing my journey to find my best, happiest self. A little bit about me, I have recently found clarity about life, why do we do what we do? Why do I want that promotion at work? Why do I need that nice fancy car? AKA I have been very materialistic. Driven by success at work and financial growth. Always trying to climb the theoretical ladder. Always comparing myself to others successes, feeling inferior in some way. Leaving me with anxiety and stress daily. I recently took a staycation for a week. A week with no work, no emails, no boss breathing down my neck. I needed a break. I have been thinking maybe if I change my job, switch companies, move into a different career, that that will bring me happiness. But in actuality, I needed to look at myself. Sure, I may not have my dream job, but that is not the root of my dismal outlook. I have realized that I need to focus on myself. Just work on me, not for the fame of sharing it on social media or to be able to beef up my resume, just do what makes me happy. Without worrying about the outcome, not contemplating the risks and rewards of every decision. If it will feed my soul, allow me to grow personally, I want to do it.  I know it is easier said then done. Changing is hard. Changing the way we think is hard. Changing our behaviors is hard. I have challenged myself to change. I hope if there is anyone out there feeling this way too, that you challenge yourself to make a small step everyday. I’m doing it with you girl.

Stay tuned for updates. Let me know if you have any tips or tricks, or if you have made some changes in your own life. I would love read some of your thoughts.

Until next time -stay focused and determined as you face the week ahead.




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